A Better immoviewer Just For You!

We are dedicated to give you the best service for your money. In an effort to provide this, we upgraded some of the features of immoviewer and we couldn’t be more proud to announce the following improvements:


New Sleek Design

The new sleek user interface makes it easier to navigate through what immoviewer offers to you.

New UI

A. Logo
B. Floor Plan
C. Photo picker
D. Info points
E. Hotspot
F. Tripod Cover
G. Infopoint List
H. Contact Information
I. Language
J. Share Option
K. Screenshot
L. Auto-Rotate
M. Maximize


Floor Plans

Hovering over the floor plan enlarges it, giving viewers a better visual of the property layout!



Photo Picker

When you click on the photo picker, all rooms and photos appear at the bottom center giving viewers another way to traverse and jump through floors, pictures, and rooms.



Contact Information

Clicking on the Contact Now option allows you to communicate with the Contact person on file.

Contact Information


Info Points

Clicking on an info point reveals its contents. You can traverse through hidden info points as well by clicking on the info point list on the upper-right corner.


There you have it! A brand new immoviewer just for you. Look out for more updates on immoviewer and how you can get more out of your subscription from the blog!

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