All-Star Tour of the Month: Happy Ever Afters

We can’t help but notice how fascinating our subscribers’ imaginations are. Time and time again, we see unique concepts of 3D virtual tours created with immoviewer. It is about time we showcase these tours and get to know our creative clients on a personal level, starting with N’Marie Crumbie.

N’Marie spent the last twenty-plus years learning everything there is to know about the real estate industry — from marketing to negotiation. She is currently a luxury home marketing specialist at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties – LuxpertGroup. Along with her impressive background is a kind heart as she embraces social responsibility as her business!

To know more about the woman behind the tour, we scheduled an interview with N’Marie. Read on and be inspired of how the tour came to life, her thoughts of 3D virtual tours, and her complete satisfaction of immoviewer.

What was the inspiration behind the tour?
The inspiration was just the opportunity to do something different outside of the box. They have photographers there, but I immediately thought about how unique it would be to have immoviewer capture that occasion.

It was just something that popped in my head because of the uniqueness, as I have said, of immoviewer in terms of capturing the special moment and being able to share it with them live. They didn’t even know I was doing this type of video for them! They were really surprised when I got it to them. They were like…I’ve never seen anything like this before!

Aside from the newly-weds, who were you able to share the tour with?
The entire family, the immediate family. I was able to share it with them and they were able to share it on their Facebook. They LOOOVED it!

They were ecstatic. It left a positive impression on [the bride] for sure. The product is so great, and I don’t think it should be just a product utilized for homes. I feel like it’s just a really unique product that can be utilized in different spaces.

I already reached out to a friend of mine that manages a hotel and I said I could come and do the hotel lobby for you and if you want to do some rooms as well. I have another friend who has a restaurant [and] we’re getting ready to do the restaurant for her.

So, immoviewer is just so great. It can be used in different industries and just WOW the recipients.

How long did it take you to shoot and produce the tour?
[Shooting] took [similar with] the time it took for the whole wedding. [Editing the tour with finishing touches] took half-hour max! It’s really quick.

Why did you choose immoviewer?
I chose [to give] immoviewer [a try] because it was so affordable. I have been looking for this product, but the competitor, Matterport, was just so expensive.

So, I stumbled upon immoviewer on google searching for virtual tour stuff and I was shocked at the price. I was like, OMG, it’s one that I can afford.

So, the next day, I was on the phone with Tom doing a demo. One of the things that really attracted me, like I was sold immediately, was when I saw the info points. I just thought that those are so unique. I distinctly remember an info point on the kitchen table in the demo that he showed me, and that was just super cool.

How is your experience with immoviewer overall?
It is excellent. I love immoviewer. I love all of you guys. I’m proud to be part of this journey.

Would you recommend immoviewer to your peers?
That is such a tough question is so excellent that I don’t want to share my secret at all. I have [recommended to someone not from my area] up in Colorado, but I gotta be honest, I won’t recommend it to my friends or my competitors. I don’t want them to know my secret! 😉

We ended the conversation with her kind words for immoviewer:
Since becoming a part of immoviewer, I’ve sold 2 homes to someone in Colorado who saw the houses through immoviewer. I sold another one to another buyer in Canada, and I’ve just written 2 story blogs about those buyers and I mentioned the fact that we use the 360° but I didn’t put the word immoviewer in it because again I don’t want my competitors to know what I use. But yeah, 2 homes sold so far because of the immoviewer virtual tour that I sent to them, so it has become a very integral part of our business now.

N’Marie proves that 3D virtual tours can be used in a lot of ways. So let your imagination run wild! Who knows? Your tour might be the next all-star tour for our next newsletter!

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