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Posts by Josha Querubin

Immo-tip: Accessing the Web Portal

Open a web browser. Access the Immoviewer Portal by typing the following on the browser’s address Login with username and password. Once your login credentials are confirmed, you will be able to see your home screen (similar below).

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Immo-Tip: Setting & Connecting the Camera

Immo-tip: Setting & Connecting the Camera

1. Insert Micro SD Card into camera. Micro SD Card slot should be located at the side of the camera.  2. Switch on the camera by clicking on the Power/Mode button. 3. Ensure that the Camera’s Wi-Fi is switched on. The Wi-Fi on the camera can be switched on by clicking on the “Wi-Fi” button. See Above. A…

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What you ought to know about immoviewer

We’re listing down the top 7 facts about immoviewer that you as a customer should know.   1 – Immoviewer is one of the leading 3D 360 tour providers.   We offer an excellent 3D virtual experience for you and your clients that you can utilize for just about anything. Our newest transitioning takes it…

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A Better immoviewer Just For You!

We are dedicated to give you the best service for your money. In an effort to provide this, we upgraded some of the features of immoviewer and we couldn’t be more proud to announce the following improvements:   New Sleek Design The new sleek user interface makes it easier to navigate through what immoviewer offers…

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Immo-tips: Best Practices When Taking Photos

So it’s finally time to take photos for your brand new 360 immoviewer tour. It’s easy to capture images, but how do you make sure you capture riveting ones? Here are our top 3 immo-tips! Property Staging Property staging is vital to getting your property sold. Customers want to envision the property as a place…

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All-Star Tour of the Month: Happy Ever Afters

We can’t help but notice how fascinating our subscribers’ imaginations are. Time and time again, we see unique concepts of 3D virtual tours created with immoviewer. It is about time we showcase these tours and get to know our creative clients on a personal level, starting with N’Marie Crumbie. N’Marie spent the last twenty-plus years…

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Wise Agent CRM Integration Now Available!

We are very excited to announce our new integration partnership with Wise Agent, the leading CRM & marketing automation software in the real estate industry. The integration partnership allows Wise Agent users to seamlessly view immoviewer 3D tour statistics in their Wise Agent property dashboard and effortlessly attach 3D tours in emails to prospects and…

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