1. Insert Micro SD Card into camera.

  • Micro SD Card slot should be located at the side of the camera.

 2. Switch on the camera by clicking on the Power/Mode button.

3. Ensure that the Camera’s Wi-Fi is switched on.

  • The Wi-Fi on the camera can be switched on by clicking on the “Wi-Fi” button. See Above.
  • A Wi-Fi indicator will start flashing or blinking to indicate that it is switched on.
  • Note that the Wi-Fi indicator blinks only when the camera is not connected to any device. It switches to a solid light when paired with a device.

 4. Switch Camera to Photo Mode.

  • Press the mode button to switch mode to Photo.
  • A light indicator should indicate whether the camera is on video or photo mode.

5. On your mobile device, go to your Wi-Fi settings and connect to the camera.

  • Locate and connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • The Madventure 360 Wi-Fi hotspot usually has the label QJXJ followed by a six digit numeric code.
  • Key in the default password: 12345678

6. Mount the camera on the tripod. See Camera & Tripod Set-Up

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