So it’s finally time to take photos for your brand new 360 immoviewer tour. It’s easy to capture images, but how do you make sure you capture riveting ones? Here are our top 3 immo-tips!

Property Staging

Property staging is vital to getting your property sold. Customers want to envision the property as a place they would like to live or invest in. Your job is to make that vision as stunning and as inviting as possible.

You can start by making sure everything is spotless. And by everything, I mean the glass windows, the floor, the ceiling, the list could go on and on! Throw in a couple of timeless decorations and you’re all set!

Camera Positioning

When taking pictures, always point the front eye of the camera towards the best subject of the area or room you are taking. This sets the centerpiece of the panoramic photo making your panoramic image thumbnails presentable.

Note that if you can see the camera, the camera can see you too. Make sure you know the maximum range you can be from the camera.

Panoramic photos look like these:



Most lower cost cameras would have exterior lighting problems especially when light seeps through windows making some images appear “washed out”. It is often best to mitigate these exterior lights by covering windows with curtains or blinds to keep these areas from being too overly exposed. Relying on interior lighting would be best especially if you have lower cost cameras.

These 3 immo-tips will surely up your game on taking the perfect photos for your immoviewer tours. For more immo-tips, check out our other blog posts! Happy clicking!

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Josha is the marketing manager and support member of immoviewer, a DIY solution created for Real Estate professionals offering the most advanced and innovative technology that allows Real Estate professionals to create 3d home tours in minutes.

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