You already know that integrating 3D 360° tours & virtual reality into your real estate marketing mix will help boost your brand, save you time, generate more leads, and grow your business. But where do you start when finding a 3D tour provider?

Well, chances are, you'll head to the Internet, ask some other people in the industry, and maybe read an industry article or two. After some research, you learn about that immoviewer 3D tours and Matterport are the real estate platforms people are talking about. But now what? Which provider makes the most sense for your business?

This infographic details the comparison between immoviewer 3D tours & Matterport 3D tours; including features, pricing, and support. 

How to Real Estate 3D
Tour Providers Stack Up?
Hardware cost $199+ $2,495 - $3995,
Tripod $60-$100 $216.32
Camera case $0 $160
Virtual Reality compatibility included included
Software compatibility iOS & Android iPad Only
Tour storage unlimited 100-300
Time to capture 2,000 sq. ft. home 30 min. 90 min.
3D tour production time instant several hours

Floor Plan

Render floor plans from 360 images

Compatible with other 360° cameras    
Facebook 360° player    
Live chat support    
Branded landing page for each tour    
Branded/Non-Branded tour for MLS    
Outdoor capturing    

Virtual showings

Invite up to 25 participants for LIVE showing


Lead capture forms

Lock specific rooms with a form

Email invite    
Capture still photos/screenshots    
User and tour statistics    

Blur function

Blur out pictures, people, etc.



Use to provide more information on property features



Hosted subdomains for all tours (SEO)



  1. John Wagstaff on 6. December 2017 at 18:41

    I am looking at both your company and Matterport and would like some more info from you. Equipment costs etc. Pitch deck or materials if available

    • Kate Burt on 6. December 2017 at 21:00

      Hey John! We’ll reach out with some info.

  2. N'Marie Crumbie on 8. December 2017 at 21:13

    I’ve been using Immoviewer a few months now and it’s the best decision I’ve made for this part of my business. Today we sold a house in Arizona to a buyer in Colorado “sight unseen” after showing the house to the buyer using Immoviewer. Thank you Immoviewer for this amazing product!

  3. Jeremy Paszczak on 11. December 2017 at 16:45

    Can you please send me some more information. And what is the benefit of your program compared to that of a subscription based?

    • jeff turner on 11. December 2017 at 23:09

      Jeremy, thanks for your question. We will have someone reach out to you with more information!

  4. rafael botto on 13. February 2018 at 21:51

    Hello.. can you please send me some more information about you products. And link where I can see some demos.. many thanks.

  5. Adam Dearbaugh on 1. March 2018 at 06:48

    The price says $199+, please explain the +

    • jeff turner on 2. March 2018 at 07:15

      Adam, we can work with any 360° camera. Many of our clients use the Ricoh Theta SC which you can actually purchase right now at B&H Photo for $168.95. But our app integrates with any of the Ricoh cameras and their prices range from $169 for the SC to $399 for the V. However you can upload images from any 360° camera, including the MadV Mini $129, the MadVenture 360 $309, Insta360 Nano S $239, Insta360 One $299, but we also work with the Panono which ranges from $1400 – $1900. I’m stopping here because I could literally list every camera. So the + really means you can choose your quality and budget. We will be directly integrating with as many cameras as are willing to work with us. The next integrations to be released will be for the Samsung Gear 360 and the Panono, followed closely by the MadVenture 360 and MadV Mini.

  6. Peter on 2. March 2018 at 09:07

    Hi. Is it possible to start a business using your products and work with realtors? If so I would like to have more information and prices.
    Thanks peter

    • jeff turner on 7. March 2018 at 16:41

      Peter, we will have someone contact you.

  7. Logan on 27. March 2018 at 23:23

    Is there a way to export photos from the tour?

    • jeff turner on 10. April 2018 at 07:50

      Yes, we provide a download link in our dashboard.

  8. ADNAN IYE on 28. May 2018 at 02:12

    i need someone to reach out to me.

  9. Sheila on 13. July 2018 at 00:08

    I am so so so happy with so many things about this experience! Tech support is unbelievable! Looking for a few tweaks on the floor plans THOUGH my first plan I sent was a real rough floor plan and they nailed it! Christmas wish list would be able to add ‘floating word’ throughout!

    • Josha Querubin on 13. July 2018 at 14:39

      Hello Sheila, Thank you so much for your kind words. It made everyone of us here at immoviewer smile. You are such a pleasure to work with and we look forward to being there with you as you succeed in your endeavours.

  10. igor svavolya on 6. September 2018 at 05:36

    monthly coast?

  11. Michael Madson on 4. May 2019 at 02:54

    This page now needs an update. Matterport has now Cloud 3.0 and low cost cams. But you should mention privacy, copyright and ownership of the photographs/content as a major difference.

  12. Konrad Roberts on 5. September 2019 at 20:56

    Like others, comparing immoviewer with other similar software and I am aware of Docusketch but still no info on availability.
    My needs are for muddy boot type construction surveys and have some queries please that I can’t confirm with your great examples.
    Are Progressive movements between scenes possible providing each section has numerous camera shots?
    Mattertags are mentioned in the comparison, can you link please to a good Immoviewer example?
    Have you a Docusketch Timeline feature available please?
    Can I use the new XPhase Pro camera?

    Thanks and the product looks good so far.

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