Yes, immoviewer Creates Floor Plans From 360° Photos

No Measuring. We Do All The Work.

We’ve been testing floor plan creation from the 360° images in your immoviewer 3D tours for several months now and we’re happy to announce their official launch. Beginning today, you can now order floor plans right from your desktop dashboard. And the only measuring you’ll need to do is from the floor to the center of your camera lens. Simple. Easy. Just how we all like it.

Not only are you able to download the 2D floor plans for use in other marketing materials, but your floor plans will be integrated directly into your tours. This provides a new way for the consumer to navigate through the home. The floor plan scales when you hover and provides feedback on what direction you’re facing in the space. In addition, you can jump from room to room by simply clicking on the floor plan.

Simple. Easy. Affordable.

Floor plans start at just $25 and can be purchased in bulk for as little as $20. Just click on the green “order 2d floor plan” button on any tour and we will build your floor plan right from the 360° images in your tour. To improve accuracy, the only measurement we’ll need is the height of your camera lens from the floor. If you always use the same tripod at the same height, you will only need to do this once.

We’ll build a dimensionally accurate floor plan in 24 -48 hours and automatically integrate it into your tour. And if you see something in the floor plan that doesn’t look quite right, just let us know. You have one edit included in your price. We want it to be right. Of course, we can’t complete a floor plan if you haven’t provided a photo of every room in the house.

And don’t worry… if there is a room you don’t want to show in the tour, delete that room from the tour after your floor plan has been created and it will immediately go away. It will not impact your floor plan once it’s completed.

All you need is an active immoviewer subscription. 




  1. Roy Niechol Silverio on 3. March 2020 at 07:51

    Hi, is there anyway i can apply to be a floor plan creator.
    Thank you

    • Scott Adolph on 13. December 2020 at 16:12

      SO iI upload the 360 images and then the Floor plans are created? Is the complete square footage provide. Like this house is 3500 square feet?

      • jeff turner on 5. January 2021 at 08:24

        Scott, yes, that is exactly how it works. We do provide floor plans with measurements by room upon request, but we do not provide total square footage calculations.

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