Why We’ve Now Changed A Significant Portion Of Our Marketing Campaign To Include Our immoviewer Tours – Guest Post

The Karen Marshall Group – KW Pittsburgh

We thought that when we first started using immoviewer that we would provide interactive tours for buyers and hopefully close a few more deals, but what happened was much more exciting.  We started by replacing a few physical open houses, which were very ineffective and had often cost us more money and resources than what was worth the trouble.

We’ve now changed a significant portion of our entire marketing campaign to include our immoviewer 360 Tours.  We saw an immediate impact with our homes with unique floorplans.  Traditional photography, even when taken by a professional photographer, was not able to capture the true beauty of some of these homes.    Now our buyer’s can look around, walk through, and practically feel the home around them.  (Maybe they can work on adding a home “smell” into the VR Headset)

immoviewer has allowed us to disrupt our local real estate market.  We’ve now rebranded ourselves as the only group in our multi-list to provide 360 tours to sellers, and we’re not going broke doing it.  The low monthly cost is actually cheaper than what we were paying in outdated newspaper ads for open houses, and the information that we receive from the platform is invaluable.

immoviewer has even made us more creative as a group. We are constantly thinking of new ways to integrate our 360 Tours into our marketing plans and how we can make the entire experience better. We’ve come up with some really innovative ideas.

If we tried to hold a physical open house at noon on a Friday, or at 9 o’clock on a  Wednesday, the results would not be great. With immoviewer we can now host a Virtual Home Tour when potential buyers are on their computer or glued to their smart phone.  We are stealing the attention of the desk jockies on their lunch break or the couple who is winding down at night. You can “show” a home anytime, anywhere.  It is amazing, and our sellers could not be happier.

We love it, and will be adding even more tours to our plan soon!   

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