Virtual Reality & 3D Tours: A Luxury Real Estate Must-Have

Virtual Reality Luxury Real Estate

There’s no doubt virtual reality is impacting many industries, especially the real estate world.

While VR is powerful in all markets, it’s an absolute must for luxury real estate. According to National Association of Realtors (NAR), 50% of homebuyers from all generations already rate virtual tours as “very useful.” Luxury real estate brokers are already offering VR as a differentiator. In 2016, Sotheby’s International Realty® announced their 3D virtual tour offering and more recently, notable luxury brand, Engel & Voelkers brings 3D virtual tour technology to each of their brokerage offices.  

If it’s true 171 million people could be using VR hardware and software worldwide by 2018, then you have to start playing in this space.

Here are four ways 3D virtual tours and virtual reality are a necessity in luxury real estate.

1. Clients don’t have time to visit properties

Oftentimes, clients with a larger budget don’t have time to visit properties all weekend long. They want to look for their home on their time and you can offer that as a unique differentiator and useful service.

Use 3D virtual tours to host 24/7 LIVE virtual walk-throughs of properties. You’ll have the power to narrate the tour and the buyer client has the flexibility to view when it’s most convenient for them.

2. Clients are looking for property out of state (or out of country)

Is your client looking for a pied-à-terre in London or a ski chalet in Mont Tremblant? Time may not be the only factor working against you and your client in a real estate buying process. When it comes to buying real estate in different locations, virtual tours are powerful. By virtual showing property to clients, you’ll be able to easily create a ‘short-list’ of properties to visit in-person (if you even have to).

3. Broker/agent offer high-end innovative technology

You work in a high-end industry, so why not offer high-end and innovative real estate technology? 3D virtual tours and virtual reality are on the brink of exploding the market. Be an early adopter and stand out. Equip your team with VR goggles to help them WOW prospects and win more listing and buyer contracts.

4. Immersive 3D tour showcases property

Photos of a million-dollar listing? There’s no way pictures can do enough justice for a property’s true appearance. Bring your client on an immersive experience with 3D virtual tours. Highlight the property’s unique details like the magnificent dining room chandelier or unique track lighting.

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