Getting to Know 3D Virtual and Real Estate Tours

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“You can ‘show’ a home anytime, anywhere. We started by replacing a few physical open houses, which had often cost us more money and resources than what was worth the trouble. The low monthly cost is actually cheaper than what we were paying in outdated newspaper ads for open houses.”


As real estate agents, it has always been a constant struggle of generating leads, bagging listings, and the goal – selling a house. Thanks to tons of experience and gathered data, there are so many new technologies today created to help improve how we do our jobs.

Real Estate Technology

This year, 3D virtual house tours, artificial intelligence, and real estate 3D floor plans top the real estate world’s most wanted (and needed!) technologies. Let’s get to know more of them and how they can help you and your business.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

For client’s (and your) convenience, especially for circumstances beyond our control like the weather or distance, 3D hours tours are the way to go! Not only do these 3D virtual tours enhance the way we market online, it also helps save money and energy working from anywhere in the world!

Immersive 3D tours and Home experience

And don’t just go for a 3D house tour. Get an immersive 3D tour where your client can feel as if he or she is standing in the middle of the house, walking around and discovering the details of his or her next home.

Floor plans from 3D virtual tours

A 3D virtual house tour is not as great as when it is paired with floor plans! Floor plans from 3D virtual tours help you and your clients navigate around the listing, especially when you can jump from one room to another without constantly having to click through all the rooms.

Getting real estate 3D floor plans could be hard (might take them a very long time), and expensive, but then again, there are affordable floor plans that are generated from artificial intelligence.

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