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Camera and photos

The connection between your smartphone and your camera should be automatic. You should not need an external WI-FI.

Please contact RICOH’s support service. https://theta360.com/en/legal/warranty/

VR (virtual reality) can be experienced with immoviewer by just using your mobile phone and any VR goggles. Just open the tour on your phone, slide it into the glasses and that’s it!

If your RICOH THETA camera has the latest firmware installed then the Immoviewer app will automatically use the HDR setting. You can manually activatethe HDR function by placing a check next to the “Use HDR” in the immoviewer app main menu.

HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’ imaging. It is a method that aims to add more “dynamic range” to photographs, taking three photos and making it one, where dynamic range is the ratio of light to dark in a photograph.

The RICOH THETA S has a HDR function, a higher resolution and better picture quality.

Yes as long as they are in 2:1 format .jpg and with at least 3584 x 1792 pixels.

They need to have a side by side ratio of 2:1, and we recommend a resolution of at least 3584 x 1792 pixels

Please go to RICOH support for a detailed answer to your problem https://theta360.com/en/support/faq/c_01_s/9_2/

Immoviewer-app for Android and iOS

BlackBerry and Windows Phone users can use the on the self-timer function on the RICOH THETA S.

Turn on your camera, connect the WiFi to your camera via the WiFi button on the side of the camera. WiFi is activated when the icon is blue lights accordingly. On your iPhone go to the WiFi settings and select the camera. The password is the serial number of your camera (only the numbers). Your serial number is located under the camera. If you have an Android phone, the phone will automatically connect to the camera.

Please ensure that all entries are case sensitive and there are no excess spaces.

Basic settings

Please ensure that all entries are case sensitive and there are no excess spaces.

First of all, you have to create a new agent if the one you want to set up is not yet entered into the system. Go to „agents“, click „Add agent“ and enter your agent’s information  to „Create a new agent“. If their information has already been entered  to „Edit tour“, click „edit“ under the property, select „Basic information“ and change the agent you want to appear in your tours.

Please make sure you always enter capital letters and that you do not add spaces between the different characters of the code. If the problem persists, go to login, click „Forgot password?“ and enter your e-mail adress.  You will automatically receive an Email with a link to reset your password.

Virtual showings

Yes, it’s easy! Just send your customers to https://live.immoviewer.com/guest. Your client can then access the tour by clicking “join a tour” and entering the session ID and their credentials.

3D home tours

You can protect your 3D home tour room by room. Go to „Edit tour“, choose a tour, click „Edit“, go to to „Configure“ and check the boxes next to the image of the room you would like to  limit access to and uncheck the boxes next to the images pf rooms you do not want to limit the access of.

It depends on your website. You can use either a link, a PDF, an Embed-Code or our automatic API-Interface.If necessary see your System Administrator for these settings, or feel free to ask us or help.

When you are logged in to your account the system recognises who you are and your tours remain accessible on your desktop.

You can upload a 360° panorama image/images whenever you wish. Go to „Publish tour“, Click „Download“ and choose the „Images“ you wish to upload.

Please ensure that your  browser’s security settings are not set  too high.

Yes he does. Every resgistration is valid for one property only.

You have to invite your  prospective customers either by sending them the PDF or the link.